My Focus Managing risk. Minimizing headaches. Maximizing profit.

My Role Strategist. Counselor. Problem solver.

Jim is licensed to practice in Oregon and Washington and has appeared in numerous state and federal courts in both jurisdictions. He has a special interest in helping "solopreneur" business owners identify ways to manage risk and operate cost-effectively.

My Clients Small businesses. Solopreneurs. Startups.

At James M. Hillas, P.C., the focus is on keeping small business out of trouble. With nearly 15 years experience as a business litigator for a major Portland firm, Jim Hillas knows the tremendous cost and risk for businesses if a dispute turns into a lawsuit or arbitration.

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Litigation eats up time and money. Small businesses don't have much of either. Jim Hillas knows how to structure transactions and prepare agreements to minimize disputes. Licensed in Oregon and Washington.


Ask the right questions. Then listen. That's how Jim Hillas advises his clients and delivers practical, cost-effective solutions.


With legal fees, the best surprise is no surprise. That's what you get with flat fee billing. Want to meet in your office? No problem. And there's no charge for local travel.

If a matter is better handled through hourly billing, reasonable rates and candid estimates let clients make informed cost-benefit decisions up front.

Free initial consultations and prompt payment discounts.