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Reprinted with permission from Trilibrium tax and wealth management advisors Tax Tip: Give It Away Now! You’ve worked hard to accumulate and protect your wealth this year. Now might be the time to consider tax-savvy ways to give some of it away. To begin with,...

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Beware! New phone scam targeting business owners

The Oregon Department of Justice has received numerous complaints about a phone scam targeting Oregon businesses. Learning how to spot and avoid phone scams like these can help protect your business. The Oregon DOJ Released the Following Details on the Scam Based on...

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4 Things Your Business Needs to do for 2014

Here are a few business housekeeping items you'll want to address this year if you haven't already. 1) Protect Your Intellectual Property Small business owners often fail to plan to protect their company’s intellectual property (IP). IP includes brand identity, which...

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It’s Time For Year-End Business Preparation

As the year draws to a close, there are a few steps that can help wrap up the bookkeeping side of your business. My friend Barb Fisher of Fisher Business Management has published a helpful tip sheet which I have borrowed from liberally. 1. Forms Audit vendors for W-9...

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Does Your Business Use The Most Effective Fraud Controls?

Fraud can have a tremendous negative impact on the value of a business. Not only does the immediate loss reduce the ability of a business to pay current obligations, but the diminished revenue can significantly lower the net income figure that is often used in a...

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Who’s Committing Fraud?

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), U.S. organizations lose up to seven percent of their annual revenues to fraud. And the most likely profile of a financial fraud perpetrator is a male aged 41-50 who works in an accounting department,...

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Fraud Investigations: Final Signs to Look For

Wrapping up our discussion of fraud investigations (which were prompted by this article in Fraud Magazine), here are some additional signs of deception to watch for when investigating potential fraud. Lack of Detail Truthful statements usually contain specific...

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More Tell-Tale Signs of Deception

Continuing from our last post which focused on this article in Fraud Magazine, here are some additional signs of deception to watch for when investigating potential fraud. Equivocation A deceptive subject may try to avoid an interviewer's questions by qualifying...

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Protect Yourself from Fraud: Watch for Signs of Deception

Following up on our previous post from guest blogger Eric Williams about the devastating impact of financial fraud on small businesses, Eric sent me a link to this article in Fraud Magazine. According to the author, Paul M. Clikeman, who is a certified fraud examiner...

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