Small Business Management Legal Consulting Services

Legal Advice for Operating a Business

Learning how to run a business can be challenging. Small business legal services include practical advice about business operations and risk management.

James M. Hillas, P.C. takes time to listen to your questions and provides cost-effective advice and legal strategies to help you run your business more efficiently by managing liabilities through careful document preparation.

James M. Hillas can help you with operational efficiencies, including the following services:

  • Strategic, cost-effective business planning
  • Employee management strategy and documentation
  • Essential business documents and agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Risk management
  • Partnership and shareholder dispute resolution
  • Registered agent service for Oregon business entities
  • Contract and lease enforcement
  • Slow pay/no pay accounts

Essential Documents for Running a Business

Knowing what contracts and other legal agreements your small business needs is the first step. Additionally, you need to make sure those documents have the right provisions to keep your small business out of trouble.

James M. Hillas, P.C. provides customized agreements to meet your business needs, including the following:

  • Customer service agreements
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Nondisclosure & confidentiality agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Additional Documents

Every business needs an agreement about the goods and services you provide and how you get paid. Employment agreements and subcontractor agreements set clear expectations for people working for your business. Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements protect valuable business information. Buy/sell agreements spell out how co-owners can sell their stake in the future.

James M. Hillas offers expert legal advice to ensure you’re running your business effectively. Reach out today for a consultation and boost your operational productivity!

Employee Management Strategy and Documentation

Managing your employees with appropriate legal documents helps avoid misunderstandings during and after employment.

James M. Hillas can your business create employee documentation such as:

  • Employment policies and handbooks
  • Terminations
  • Employment agreements
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements
  • Indemnity and hold harmless clauses
  • Intellectual property protection

Employment policies and handbooks reinforce your business culture and set the tone for workplace behavior.

Termination and severance agreements reduce liability and provide closure when an employment relationship ends. Likewise, subcontractor agreements help a business manage outside contractors.

Nonsolicitation agreements and work for hire agreements protect your business from unfair competition by clearly defining what employees can and can’t do after leaving employment.

Should I Use Independent Contractors or Employees?

Growing businesses often ask if they should use independent contractors or employees. Each has different benefits and drawbacks.

Employees are subject to greater control but payroll expenses and benefits add to their total costs. In addition, employees enjoy many rights under state and federal law, which can mean liability for the business.

Independent contractors offer greater flexibility without payroll expenses but provide less control for the employer over how the work is performed. Independent contractors are also subject to greater scrutiny by taxing authorities and labor agencies, and a misclassified employee who doesn’t meet the contractor test can become a costly liability.

Motivating Customers to Pay on Time

Cash flow is the lifeblood of small business, so getting paid on time is critical for success.

Unless your business gets paid in advance, it’s important to have consistent policies to ensure timely payment. Credit applications and personal guarantees can weed out potential deadbeats and offer a better chance of getting paid if the business goes under. Timely reminders and follow up procedures help keep slow pays from becoming no pays.

James M. Hillas can help you regarding the following legal services:

  • Credit applications
  • Personal guarantees
  • Invoice incentives and disincentives
  • Demand letters
  • Enforcement through lawsuit or arbitration

Improve Your Business Management with James M. Hillas

Running a successful business means managing risk. Consult with an experienced business attorney for practical advice and keep your business out of trouble.

Reach out for advice on how to effectively manage your business!


NOTE: This site is designed for general informational purposes only. The information contained in this site is not intended to be, and should not be construed as legal advice or the creation of an attorney/client relationship. An attorney/client relationship will not be created without the express written consent of James M. Hillas, P.C.

As a small business owner I take comfort in knowing that I have Jim in my corner when dealing with legal matters that pertain not only to my business but also my personal life. Jim has always been very responsive to my needs and has a wide range of knowledge in dealing with my company, my employees and my professional colleagues. I highly recommend Jim as legal counsel for any small business owner.

-Tom Reap, AmCheck of Portland

In the crowded world of legal 'experts', Jim clearly stands out as someone who is both personable yet professional, genuinely takes an interest in his clients and their respective situations, exhibits a strong work ethic and offers up a solution-based approach to any/all legal challenges.

-Nancy Evans

Jim is a valued business advisor and key part of my team of experts at EVO Solutions. He brings great experience and wisdom across a spectrum of legal and business issues. Jim's style is personable while quickly getting to the matter at hand, which consistently saves me both time and money. I deeply trust Jim's counsel and frequently recommend him to friends/colleagues. He is great to work with!

-Tom Flynn, EVO Solutions, LLC

I found Jim to have a very high level of integrity and honesty as well as a demeanor that made it much easier to work through the difficult issues I was facing. I have watched him grow in his acumen and expertise over the years and would not think twice about calling on him or recommending him.

-Thom Walters

I have worked together with Jim Hillas on a couple matters and have discussed many others with him. Jim is, in my opinion, the best type of lawyer. He combines comprehensive knowledge of corporate transactional and litigation law with extensive experience and unbeatable personal service. I highly recommend him.

-Chris Brooks, Brooks Estate Law PC

Jim advised me while I was setting up my first business. He reviewed some contracts for 'gotchas', advised me of good practices and pitfalls, and helped with some of the paperwork. He also set up my will. I found him to be articulate and careful and overall I was well served by getting his advice.

-Ken Millard, Aries Engineering, Inc

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