Welcome to the inaugural post of Sell Your Business for More, a new blog which will focus on the when, how, and why of selling a business. We’ll cover a lot of ground along the way, with helpful tips and warnings about traps to maximize the value of your business and position yourself to best achieve your goals.

Topics will include the timing of a sale, how to structure the transaction, and steps to take in the time leading up to the sale to allow for a smooth exit. And with the privilege of editorial discretion, we’ll more than likely meander off into some other discussions too.

As part of the blogosphere, we’ll also be on the lookout for helpful links to other blogs and resources. We are hoping to post contributions from guest bloggers on tax planning, marketing, valuation methods, and other related issues which fall outside of our professional expertise. But most of all, we’ll be looking to engage you, the reader, to find out what resonates, what doesn’t, and how we can help you run your business better.

At this point, we’re thinking about posting blog entries twice a week, most likely on Tuesday and Thursday. We’re excited to engage readers in a slightly different medium and hope that you will provide feedback in the form of comments, questions, or requests for specific topics. Our monthly e-newsletter will continue with articles of general interest to business owners.